Attentiveness to our customers guides us in comprehending their aspirations and aiding them in realizing their envisioned workspaces. We are dedicated to tailoring solutions that optimize the workspace, irrespective of its dimensions, aligning with our customers’ desires.


We acknowledge that embarking on an office fit out or refurbishment is a significant undertaking for any business. With our dedicated Technical Support, our primary aim is to streamline the entire process, ensuring it becomes as hassle-free as can.


With a legacy spanning over two decades, we have been the architects behind remarkable office interiors. Guiding you through this journey are our seasoned interiors consultants and project managers, who stand by your side at every juncture.


Our assembly of Titan Experts thoroughly explores your workspace, driven by the aim of amplifying efficiency and productivity. The result is a meticulously designed office area that caters to your every requirement.

Office Planning


There are many types of office spaces, from open office space to desk sharing. How do you know what to choose? We are here for you.

Interior Design


With our experienced Interior Designers at the helm, we’ll expertly handpick the right furniture, bringing your office vision to life. Moreover, we’ll be your steadfast companions, guiding you through each phase of the process.

Project Management


Upon finalizing the design stage, our capable Project Managers step in. Their role involves vigilant oversight of the punctual delivery of the selected furniture, all while maintaining a tight grip on the project’s financial scope.

Partitioning & Acoustics

An in-depth analysis of disruptive noises will be undertaken, pinpointing their origins. Based on this assessment, we will recommend appropriate partitions and acoustic solutions aimed at eradicating these disturbances.



Our extensive collection of office furniture is versatile, offering customization options for various finishes, sizes, and material types to align precisely with your requirements.

Aftersales Support


Backed by a fully staffed technical support team encompassing the entirety of Cyprus, we are equipped to provide unparalleled customer service marked by exceptional speed and efficiency.

Titan Guarantee


With a wealth of over 30 years in the field, Titan Office boasts a rich history of furnishing distinctive office furniture and serving as the esteemed representative of renowned global manufacturers within the industry.

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