L Pod


The L Pod meeting pod accommodates 4 to 6 individuals for private group meetings and brainstorming sessions. Its soundproofing feature guarantees privacy without disrupting others nearby. Complete with a high-quality ventilation system and ergonomic design, users can expect a comfortable and secure environment.

Exterior : Painted sheet metal, 10mm tempered glass

Frames : Aluminum

Carpet : Anti-static and stain resistance low loop pile
carpet for the floor

Walls and roof :  A sandwich element of sheet metal, fire rated
gypsum board , recycled acoustic foam and acoustic felt

Glass : 10mm safety glass with aluminum frame

Door : Sound Control 5+5mm laminated glass with alu frame, SS lock, handle and pivot hinges

Power consumption : 43W while in use (Standard configuration)
– LED light: 6W
– Fans (4 pcs) in total: 24W
3 meter wire

Table outlets :Power socket, USB, type C, Network cable port

Ventilation :Total air flow is 619.64m³/h; Air Replaced every 0.72 min

Lighting : Inductive LED light: 4000K

Exterior : 2200mm x 1500mm x 2320mm (width, depth, height)

Interior : 2078mm x 1376mm x 2170mm (width, depth, height)

Doorway: 840mm width

Furniture : Sofa 1270mm x 580mm x 680mm (width,length,height)                                  Table 500mm x 1000mm x 680mm (width,length,height) 

Finishes & Details


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