Introducing the PAPPILON 282/J, a cutting-edge meeting chair that seamlessly blends comfort with contemporary design. 

Indulge in unmatched comfort as you recline in the PAPPILON 282/J, where modern aesthetics meet ergonomic support.

Product Specifications

  1.  4-star pyramidal base with a diameter of ø 720mm, crafted from durable nylon material in a sleek black finish.
  2.  Free castor with a ø 50mm wheel and a pin diameter of ø 11mm, providing smooth mobility and stability.
  3. Low support with a diameter of ø 50mm and a cone diameter of ø 28mm, constructed from nylon material for added durability.
  4. Fixed adaptor for pyramidal base, zinc-plated, ensuring secure attachment to the chair.
  5. Papillon plastic shell with clips for inner panels, featuring a snowball design for added visual appeal.
  6. Papillon plastic seat panel and back panel, both upholstered for maximum comfort and luxury.
  7.  Outer seat in a dark color, adding a touch of sophistication to the chair’s design.
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