Introducing the Kayak armchairs, designed for waiting, conference, and relaxation spaces. They come in various iterations with fixed or swivel bases. A blend of opulence and sleek lines, combined with premium materials, culminates in a finished product that’s meticulously refined down to the finest detail.

Kayak armchairs represent the perfect fusion of luxury and functionality, making them suitable for various settings, and offering options for both fixed and swivel bases. The result is a sophisticated and impeccable piece that adds a touch of elegance to any environment.

Product Specifications 

  1. Painted or chromed. 
  2. Swivel or fixed base.
  3. Gas Lift base or Swivel pedestal base. 
  4. Black or chromed swivel and fixed base.
  5. Aluminium gas lift swivel base. 
  6. Stainless steel base.

One or bi color fabrics.

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