Pedestals offer a great solution for expanding your office storage. Our pedestal collection is crafted to perfectly fit beneath your office desk, ensuring easy access to essential items while also providing extra workspace.

  1. High quality 18mm thick wipe clean melamine structure
  2. 1.3mm heavy duty PVC edges to help protect against the rigours of daily use
  3. 2 Drawer pedestal features 1 box and 1 filing drawer with inserted pencil case on top drawer
  4. 3 Drawer pedestal features 3 box drawers with inserted pencil case on top drawer
  5. Option of an additional pencil case drawer
  6. Equipped with premium soft close mechanism which allows drawers to close silently and smoothly
  7. Integral central locking (supplied with 2 keys)
  8. Width: 43cm
  9. Depth: 60cm
  10. Height: 68cm
  11. BS ΕΝ 14073-2, BS ΕΝ 14073-3, BS EN 14074
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