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Vision operative
Vision is capable of providing a fantastic sense of natural balance as well as a strikingly unique appearance. Some of the collection’s highlights include its elegant design, carefully balanced proportions, and ergonomic functions. The innovative back of Vision ensures that the outer shell blends with the front while providing a unique experience to every body type.
  1. 55mm High Density Moulded Sponge Seat
  2. Seat Height Adjustment
  3. Seat Depth Adjustment
  4. Multi-functional Synchro mechanism
  5. Adjustable Lumbar Support
  6. Tension Weight Balance Mechanism
  7. Breathable Mesh Back
  8. Fabric Seat
  9. Adjustable PU Headrest
  10. PU 3D Adjustable Armrests
  11. Black Nylon Base with 60mm Castors
  12. EN 1335-1, EN 1335-2, EN 1022, ΕΝ 1728,  ΕΝ 16139
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2 Years

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