Introducing our newest addition: the Sixty meeting table. With its unique design and full, harmonious proportions, this desk is perfect meeting spaces. Designed to combine modern elegance with functionality, it fosters collaboration and productivity. Available in various color combinations and designs, it includes practical accessories that enhance both functionality and style.

The Sixty meeting table transforms any space into a professional and inviting environment, ideal for fostering meaningful interactions and effective teamwork.

Product Specifications

Melamine worktops: 18mm thick with 1.3mm thick edge profiles.

MDF worktops: 18mm thick with 1.3mm thick edge profiles. 

Glass tops: Made in tempered glass, 10mm thick with polished edge profiles.

Rectangular frame composed of 4 rectangular steel 60x30mm tubes in chrome finish welded together, with adjustable feet

Optional horizontal wire management with the use of a metal cable channel with fixed brackets to the working top.



BS ΕΝ 527-1:2011

BS ΕΝ 527-2:2011

BS ΕΝ 17030:2012

BS ISO 21016:2007

BS EN 14073-2:2004

BS EN 14073-3:2004

BS EN 14074:2004

Warranty: 5 years

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